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Island of Pag and Povljana

Island of Pag and PovljanaPovljana is situated in the south of island of Pag at the border of Dalmatia and «Kvarner» islands. It is located in a completely natural bay, turned to west and enclosed from stronger northern and southern winds of tramontane and ostro, which makes it a very tame place. Povljana is on a little plateau, at the place where lime-stone area meets fertile fields, which favours traditional trades and growth of authentic natural world in equal measures.

The island of Pag is connected to mainland via a bridge, and roads on the mainland leading to Pag, as well as those on Pag itself are of excellent quality.

Demographic decline of native population, which has been happening in more intensive manner during world wars, has been stopped after that time and at the present moment Povljana is inhabited by a bit more than 700 native inhabitants.

Despite demographic and touristic development of Povljana, particularly during the last twenty years, a clear vision of development has sustained Povljana as a tranquil place in touch with its history and tradition, a place that – although contemporary – stays in quality relationship with its rich natural world and surroundings. The cleanliness and unspoilt nature, pleasantness of climate and air filled with scents of sea and various wild plants of northern Dalmatia make an ambient in which it's possible to experience a peaceful and natural rest.

Povljana is located in the nearness of many other interesting places, such as old city of Pag, city of Zadar, national park «Paklenica» or canyon of «Zrmanja» river.

Commerce and Institutions

Commerce and InstitutionsIn Povljana there is a bigger number of general stores, as well as separate bakery . It is also possible to buy a large number of home-made products from the production of local inhabitants. Those are products such as various vegetables, fruits, wine, herb brandies or prosciutto. Besides, it is possible to buy fresh fish cought by local fishermen. These can all be bought directly from Povljana's locals' homes, by which they often sell these goods, or in Povljana's market.

Institutions of interest are tourism center, which gives all necessary informations about the place, post office, drug store and health centre.

In Povljana, there are also ATM machines by following banks: Raiffeisen, Erste and Privredna banka Zagreb.